Welcome to FRPD !

At FRPD Our aim is to make a paradigm shift from conventional methods to modern mechanism in education research sector, To provide courses on statistical and econometric software’s (Online).

To conduct seminars, workshops and Training in Social Science, Management Sciences & Medical Sciences departments annex to business community (National & International).

FRPD plans to prepare a cohort of social scientists who are equipped with cutting edge social science research tools so as to foster an expert community of social scientists. This will facilitate in providing students, faculty, and staff to build on and complement each other’s advances and move on to the next level.

Furthermore we at FRPD also tend to employ the tools of social science such as big data, bigger analytics, social theories, and behavioral science to improve the administrative operations of our own Institution too.

Apart from that FRPD also provides training to students & staff in academics throughout schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan. We also facilitate the business community through provision of business related trainings and techniques which would prepare them for business related challenges of the future.

Thanking You !

Mr. Shakeel Shahzad