To be recognised globally for promoting knowledge for development through authoritative policy research, training and advocacy.


FRPD’s mission is to carry out activities that would promote the socio-economic development of Ghana in particular and Africa in general. Specifically, the Institute is expected to undertake research in the social sciences, and promote human resource development.

our mandate

The Institute of FRPD is a semi-autonomous research institution within the Faculty of Social Studies at the University of Ghana. FRPD is committed to carrying out research and training that is geared towards promoting the socio-economic development of Ghana in particular and Africa in general. The Institute strives to maintain its reputation for solid social science research, paying close attention to exploratory, and evaluative aspects of the dynamics of development.

capacity building

Through our collaboration with local and international agencies the FRPD research team is able to provide policy advice and participate in policy analysis and decision-making. As part of this the FRPD research team is constantly learning and exchanging ideas with other groups engaged in socio-economic research. We offer a Masters degree programme in Development Studies, which attracts public sector and private sector development practitioners. In addition, FRPD offers a sub-degree course in statistical methods for middle level technicians involved in data management and monitoring and evaluation exercises. Besides these, FRPD offers short courses on data management and proposal writing.